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Rent Ready introduces a modern solution, to an age-old apartment industry problem. After a deep dive in the industry, Rent Ready discovered that the make ready process was disjointed, frustrating and time-consuming. Onsite staff members were scheduling six different services with six different vendors – creating scheduling nightmares along with unexpected challenges and headaches. As a full-service partner for onsite apartment staff, Rent Ready handles the frustration between the move-out and move-in, as a single-source for all turn services: paint, clean, carpet, wall repair, punch and counter and tub resurfacing.

Rent Ready…

Sources and vets skilled professionals, so you don’t have to
Provides one point of contact for all needed services so you don’t have to waste time managing multiple vendors
Was created to make every step of the make ready process easier and to simplify your job

60% of residents move out of their apartment community every year

In a 250 unit community, that means onsite management is responsible for turning 150 units. That requires contacting an average of four vendors for every turn which adds up to 600 vendor interactions throughout the year.

By utilizing Rent Ready, you have one contact for
each turn – reducing vendor interactions by 75%