What services do you provide?

We provide all standard apartment turn services including, painting, cleaning, punch outs, carpet cleanings, counter resurfacing, tub resurfacing and wall repairs. View the turn service process here.

Where do you serve?

In North Carolina we serve Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham. In Georgia, we serve the Atlanta market.

Do you turn homes?

Rent Ready specializes in the apartment turn industry, we do not provide turn services for other property types such as homes.

How do I schedule a service?

Once onboarded with Rent Ready you’ll be able to schedule a turn via your preferred method including phone call, email or online order form submission.

Do you provide turn services directly to renters looking to have work done?

Rent Ready works directly with onsite community management to schedule for apartment communities, we do not work directly with renters.

Do I need experience in the industry to become a Pro?

Our most successful Pros have experience utilizing their skillset in the multifamily industry. We do look at and consider industry experience during the recruiting process.

Do I need a social security number to apply?

One of the recruiting phases is a background check and in order to run a background check, the applicant must have a social security number.

How do Pros receive work orders?

Once Rent Ready Pros are successfully onboarded, they receive work orders for the next day on their phone.

How often do Pros get paid?

Pros receive a direct deposit every Friday for work completed from the previous Wednesday through Tuesday.